Maternity Matters
May 21

Maternity Matters

  • Community Arts Network of Oneonta

OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, May 5th, 5-8 PM

Childbirth is a subject rarely contended with in contemporary art.  However, it is something that every woman artist (and woman) contends with personally.  This joint exhibition of Suzanne Schireson and Carrie Mae Smith will offer different perspectives on this important human event.  "In a time when women’s reproductive rights are under constant threat, we feel it is imperative to instigate conversations surrounding the experience and realities of Maternal Matters."

Community Arts Network of Oneonta

Artship Olympia
Oct 2

Artship Olympia

  • Penns Landing

Philadelphia Sculptors in collaboration with the Independent Seaport Museum in Philadelphia curated an exhibition intersecting art with the oldest historic US Naval vessel afloat on the Delaware River, the USS Olympia, 1895.  Thanks to Leslie Kaufman's vision and tireless efforts that made this happen, to Watsuki Harrington, assistant Director, and special thanks to Kevin Smith (Ship's Educator and historian) and Pat Weeks (ship's educator and historic food enthusiast).

IMPLIED ACTION: Performance Through Object
Feb 13

IMPLIED ACTION: Performance Through Object

Opening Reception friday, January 16, 2015  6-8 PM

Implied Action: Performance Through Object is an exhibition featuring four Visiting Assistant Professors in the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University.  Carissa Carmen, Mike Calway-Fagna, Carrie Mae Smith and Keith Allyn Spencer either make objects or use found items to convey the history of, presence of, or potential for performance.  These objects range from an article of clothing suggesting the act of wearing; to those that have a history of action, whether artistic or utilitarian; to objects that document and become evidence of past performance.  While these artists teach in various areas of Indiana University's studio art department, it is evident that process, object, and performance are integral to each artist's studio practice.

Grunwald Gallery of Art, 1201 E 7th Street, Bloomington, IN, 47405