I installed my first faux food project in the Galley aboard the 1895 cruiser USS Olympia at Penns Landing in Philadelphia! Visitors to the ship are able to see the Beef Stew inside the 1903 copper in the Galley in the center of the ship. Beef Stew was one of the main staples of the U.S. Navy sailors’ diet while in port at the turn of the century.

Wash 60 pounds of beef in water to which a little vinegar and salt has been added, and then cut into small pieces.  Place in the copper with 10 gallons of water and boil for one hour.  Slice up 40 pounds of potatoes, 10 pounds of carrots, and 15 pounds of onions (the potatoes and onions being cut in quarters) and add to the above.  Allow the whole to boil until the vegetables are done and then add 10 pounds of tomatoes.  Season with pepper and salt and allow it to simmer for twenty minutes.